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The Joe Shuster Awards
587A College Street.
Toronto, Ontario
M6G 1B2


Association Executive, as of 1/2013: Tyrone Biljan (Director), Kevin A. Boyd (Associate Director), Allison Covey, Peter DeCourcy, Andrew Walsh, Rachel Richey.

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Tyrone Biljan – Executive Director / Art Director:

Kevin A. Boyd – Associate Director / Nominating & Jury Coordinator:

Allison Covey -  Publisher Relations:

Andrew Walsh – Webcomics Coordinator

Peter DeCourcy – Gene Day Award Coordinator –

Jenn Haines – The Dragon Prize Coordinator –

Hope Nicholson – Hall of Fame Coordinator –

Anthony Falcone and Scott Vanderploeg – Harry Kremer Award Coordinators –


Have you been contacted by someone using the email or or any kind of similar derivative? These are not valid emails used by this organization – please report any contact received from these email addresses to one of the individuals listed above immediately. ONLY the emails listed above in the contacts section are valid Association emails.

Past members of the Executive: James Waley, Dave Darrigo, Peter Fisico, Diana Tamblyn, Jim Ordolis, Joe Kilmartin, Jonathan Kuehlein, Liana Kerzner, Steven Kerzner, Mary Waley, Christopher Owen, Robert Haines