UDON to Launch “UDON Presents” Graphic Novel Line with RandomVeus Vol.1




UDON to Launch “UDON Presents” Graphic Novel Line with RandomVeus Vol.1

Toronto, ON – May 10, 2011 – All-out action meets off-the-wall wackiness in RANDOMVEUS VOl.1! Springing from the mind of artist Jeffrey ‘Chamba’ Cruz, this original graphic novel adventure features the tripped-out tales of an interdimensional courier company. The book will be the launch title for UDON Entertainment’s new ‘UDON Presents’ graphic novel line.

Created by Jeffrey ‘Chamba’ Cruz and co-writer Leonard Bermingham, RandomVeus stars bouffant-sporting hero Raimundo and the team of One-Dimensional Couriers as they deliver mysterious packages to every corner of the wild world known as the RandomVeus!  Octopus ninjas, jazz-playing demons, buxom lady-pirates, cyborg gorillas, samurai mushrooms, and one giant furry squid monster are all on tap in this zaniest of zany adventures!

RandomVeus Vol.1 (MAY111239) is the first title in UDON’s new ‘UDON Presents’ line, a series of original graphic novels presented in oversized (8.25”x11.25”) and hardcover format. “We want to give our artists’ stories the best presentation possible right out the gate, so our focus is shifting to this deluxe format for our releases, dropping the monthly ‘floppy’ comic entirely,” says UDON managing editor Matt Moylan. “While comic book sales are down all over the industry, UDON continues to do very well with our trade paperbacks and art books. We’re taking the best of both by producing full length graphic novels at the same oversized dimensions that readers of our art books and ‘Ultimate Edition’ collections have come to enjoy.”

Beyond RandomVeus, UDON has several other original graphic novels currently in production, and also plans to present its future video game-based comic stories in the same oversized format. RandomVeus Vol.1 goes on sale July 2011.

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$29.99, 144pp, 8.25″x11.25″, Full Color, Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-926778-28-0
Diamond #MAY111239

UDON Entertainment is a Canada-based publisher of original comic books, graphic novels, and art books. UDON’s best-known projects are those based on popular video game franchises such as Street Fighter®, Darksiders®, Okami®, Resident Evil® and Mega Man®. The publisher’s ever-growing library also includes original comic stories, English editions of Japanese manga titles, high quality art showcases in their Tribute series and the anthology art book series APPLE.

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