Appeal for Donations – Paypal & Interac e-Transfers Accepted

The cost of putting on the annual Joe Shuster Awards for Canadian Comic Book Creators is currently assumed by the Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards Association, however since the awards are a not-for-profit organization we often find ourselves without funds to cover costs and must rely on fundraising to keep going.

While we (the directors) have been able to cover the costs from our personal accounts to ensure that the program endures, we must rely on donations of artwork and other promotional items to sell and your private donations to keep us going. We have considered doing elaborate crowdfunding projects, and that’s something we may do in the future, but now we are making a straightforward appeal for donations.

What we offer the community:
– Annual awards program (helps raise awareness and sales of Canadian books)
– Preserving and promoting our heritage (with the Hall of Fame and on the blog)
– A free resource — information on Canadian webcomics, comic creator links, conventions, retailers
– helping to promote self-publishers and offering the bursary for the Gene Day Awards, as well as new and upcoming talent with awards such as the Gene Day and Webcomics awards
– we promote ALL comics made by Canadians – in French and/or English, mainstream and independant. Our only criteria is that the creator be a Canadian citizen or a registered permanent resident.
– evaluating Canadian comic shops for standards and practices as well as offering mentoring opportunities for new retailers
– promote Canadian comics and creators!

As individuals, the members of the CCBCAA do this for FREE, out of the goodness of our hearts and our love for comics and national pride in the quality of work being done by Canadians in the creative and publishing fields. None of us get paid or received any financial compensation for doing the Joe Shuster Awards and running and updating this website.

Unfortunately, we do need money to cover the basic costs (website maintenance, manufacturing costs of the physical awards, the Gene Day bursary, facilities rental for the ceremony, plus printing and advertising).

How you can help:

MONEY. PLEASE consider donating, anything helps! Whether it’s $5, $10, $20, $25 or more these donations add up and help us keep doing what we do. Exceeding our financial obligations allows us to expand and do more within the community.

ARTISTS. If you would like to create a piece of art for the Joe Shuster Awards you can:
(a) send the piece to the Joe Shuster Awards, 587A College Street, Toronto, ON M6G 1B2
(b) sell the art yourselves and send the money via paypal or interac e-transfer donation to the links provided below.



interac-email-transfer-logo2INTERAC E-TRANSFER

Most Canadian banks offer this service as part of their online banking sites.Please send funds via e-mail to INFO@JOESHUSTERAWARDS.COM and send the password in a separate email.

YOUR HELP IS MOST APPRECIATED. Donations can be anonymous or you can be listed as a donor at the annual ceremony.


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