2011 Gene Day Award Submissions Received for 2012 awards

This is a listing of self-published comics and comic zines recieved or acquired for the purposes of the Gene Day Award. Listing is alphabetical by title.

21 Journeys by Cloudscape Comics Society (each story is judged individually)

A Mad Tea Party #4 by Jonathon Dalton

Adventures in Misfortune #6 ‘Graveyard of Ambition’ by Bev Calder

And The Horse You Rode In On by Dakota McFadzean

Black Mass #6 by Patrick Kyle

Boredom Pays #4 by Jason Bradshaw

C is for Cell by Kate Lavut

Carciphona by Shilin Huang

Casanovice 3 by Daniel Ha

cgda by a href=”http://littlefoible.net/”>Colleen macIsaac

Complex #1 & #2 by Chris Kuzma

Derives #1 by Nicolas LaChapelle

Entropy #6 & #7 by Aaron Costain

Exiles by Paul La Rue

Fifteen Months by a href=”http://littlefoible.net/”>Colleen macIsaac

Fight Song by Brian Evinou

Ghost Rabbit by Dakota McFadzean

Grace by Madeline Richards & Cedric Richards

Holy Shit by Dakota McFadzean

Humbug #1 by Andre Myette

Infantasy by Jay Paulin & Ariel Marsh

J.B.R. Drupe by Jeremy Raymond

Leave Luck To Heaven by Dakota McFadzean

Legion Unleashed #1 & #2 written by Richard Evans

Life on the Hill by Kim, Dirchansky & Koyar

Look Straight Ahead #3 & #4 by Elaine Will

Lock & Feather by Justin Bhatia

Magic Teeth #47 by Gareth Gaudin

on the Verge the beginning by Jason Smith

Puanter froide #1 by various (each story is judged individually)

{Rain/Shine} by Marin & Karen

Robot Jones #1 by Matthew Ingraham

Seven Years in Dog-Land by Johnny Tay

Siberiak by Jenny Jaeckel

Silly Kingdom by Katie Shanahan & Steven Shanahan

Snow by Benjamin Rivers

somewhere by a href=”http://littlefoible.net/”>Colleen macIsaac

Stranger #1 by D.A. Bishop

Teuton by Fred Kennedy & Adam Gorham

Toony Quarterly #1, #2, #3, & #4 by James Spencer

Veritas written by Joshua Pantalleresco

Also being considered, by may not be eligible based on status or use of distribution:

Summer Daze by Marta Chudolinska

The Best of Iris vol #2 by Iris

Fantastic Life by Kevin Mutch

Stairway Stories The Age of Reason by Daniele Archambault

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