Canadian Comic Book Publishers

Updated March 20, 2018

Aardvark-Vanaheim – Publisher of Cerebus

Ad Astra Comix

AH Comics

Arcana Comics

Bedside Press

Blind Bat Press (occasional publisher of anthology compilations)

Blind Ferret Media

Boomerang Editeur Jeunesse Inc. [English]

Castle Rain Entertainment

Chapterhouse Comics


Class Comics – Erotic gay comics with all male nudity and other adult situations.

Cloudscape Comics

Colosse [English]

Conundrum Press

Drawn & Quarterly

ECW Press

Éditions Grafigne [English]

Editions Premieres Lignes [English] – a Gatineau, Quebec-based collective who have merged to bring their vision of comics/BD to life.

Éditions Trip [English]

Ethnographic – a division of University of Toronto Press

Freehand Books – established in 2007 as the literary imprint of the academic publisher Broadview Press with the mandate to publish excellent Canadian literature.

Front Froid

Glénat Québec [English]

Groundwood Books

Highwater Press

House of Anansi Press

I Box Publishing

Islands Fold

Jack Lake Productions (reprints of Classics Illustrated)

Joe Books

Kids Can Press

Kosmic Comics

Koyama Press

L’Oie de Cravan

La Pastèque [English]

Les 400 Coups [English]

Les Éditions Machine Machine

Les Éditions Z’ailées [English]

Les Intouchables [English]

Little Spirit Bear Productions

McClelland and Stewart

MDS Studios

Mécanique Générale was purchased and absorbed by Les 400 Coups

Mister Comics

Moelle Graphique

New Reliable Press

Optimum Wound Comics

Orca Publishing


Planet Lucy

Pop Sandbox

Éditions Pow Pow!

Presse Aventure

Puffin Books (a Division of the Penguin Group for younger readers)

Québec Amérique [English]

RAID Studio – Toronto studio began publishing anthology comics in 2017

Red 5 Comics

Renegade Arts Entertainment

Rosencrantz Comics

Les Éditions du Soleil de Minuit

Speakeasy Comics (no longer in business)

Star Verse Comics

Studiocomix Press

The Porcupine’s Quill

Tightrope Books

Titan 1 Studios

TO Comix

Tundra Books

Udon Entertainment

3 thoughts on “Canadian Comic Book Publishers

  1. Hi, I doing research on Canada’s comic book industry. I need to know if governments of Canada (local, province and federal) provide with any funding to individual comic book artist or industry in general. I would also like to know if there is any international comic book or manga competition held in Canada. Can any one tell me where I can find these information? Thank you.

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