Canadian Comic Book Retailers

Here is a list of links to brick and mortar Canadian retailers who sell comic books and manga.

At this time there are approximately 321 comic book stores in Canada, using the widest definition possible. The stores included on this list sell comics, though many only sell back issue/second hand comics and graphic novels, with no new releases.

Each province has their own listing, which is broken down alphabetically by city within that province.

Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island
British Columbia

The goal is to keep this list up to date and add information such as hours of operation, interior and exterior photos. If you see any Retailers that are missing, or if any of the current information is incorrect, please send an e-mail to

Retailers and store owners: if you would like to see your store profiled on our website, or if you have an in-store signing or a special event occurring, we will help you promote your event. It’s also a great way to get your store nominated for the Harry Kremer Award. Send an e-mail to

Every store in Canada is eligible for the Harry Kremer Award, but the store must be nominated to be eligible. If a store is not nominated they cannot be considered for the award. If you would like to nominate a retailer send an e-mail to, with the subject title “Harry Kremer Nomination”, and provide us the store name and the reason for your nomination. You will be contacted to provide more details as needed by the committee.

The Harry Kremer Award for Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Retailer /Le Prix de Harry Kremer pour Détaillant Exceptionnel Canadien de Bandes Dessinées was created to recognize the contributions that brick and mortar retail stores have made to the Canadian comic scene.

The award was named for Harry Kremer, the original owner of Now & Then Books in Kitchener/Waterloo and a true pioneer in the industry and a constant and tireless promoter of the medium.

Individual shops are recommended by the general public, then the Retailer Award Committee reviews all considered stores based on: store presentation, product selection/diversity, customer service, online presence, in-store events, staff knowledge and community involvement. Retailers are required to answer a questionnaire which is used, along with other information pertaining to the areas of consideration, by the Retailer Award Committee to determine a final 8 nominees, who then undergo further questions, telephone interviews and secret shopper visits. The final winner is a store which has shown merit in all of the categories.

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