McCARRON, Owen (1929-2005)

Owen McCarron (1929-2005)

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2006

You might think you know who Canada’s most successful independent comic book publisher is but if you guessed anyone who draws aardvarks you’d be wrong! Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Owen McCarron wrote, drew, coloured and self-published dozens upon dozens of full-colour Canadian giveaway comics through his own companies, McCarron Advertising and Comic Book World. McCarron was driven by a love of history and a believe that comics could both entertain and educate.

McCarron worked for Charlton and DC and Marvel, including the original Ghost Rider series and Spidey Super Stories. His reputation for speed and reliability made him one of Stan Lee’s go-to men for emergency work. Owen McCarron’s Fun and Games comics were published weekly by the Halifax Chronicle Herald and the Mail Star. McCarron pitched the same concept to Stan Lee, who quickly approved the long-running strip Marvel Fun And Games and gave puzzlemaster McCarron free reign.

Through the 60’s and early 70’s Comic Book World was Canada’s only ongoing comic publisher. The prolific McCarron worked out of his home and, with an occasional assist from Robin Edmiston, produced a vast array of titles like Wayne and Shuster Comics, Col. Sanders Comics, Reveen, Louie the Lightning Bug, The Adventures Of Binkly And Doinkel and Li’l Easy Saver.

Among his numerous honours was a Nova Scotia Environment Award for advancing green concerns through his Sammy Seagull and Captain Enviro characters and signed letters from Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, thanking him for a lifetime of comics! Over his 32 years with the Herald, McCarron produced many historical docu-comics for the Halifax-Herald newspapers, including a yearly page examining aspects of the Halifax Explosion of 1917. In fact, mere days before he passed away, he was spotted at his local library working on his next project. Owen McCarron passed away on June 27, 2005.

Some of Owen’s Halifax Explosions comics can be found at:

Bio compiled by Robert Pincombe (with the aid of Phil Latter)

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