2019: The Dragon (ON) (Honourary Award)

OldQuebecStreet_Shoppes_Dragon-1024x664 (1)

of GUELPH, ONTARIO (2 locations) and MILTON, ONTARIO

Eisner Award-Winning Guelph, ON retailer THE DRAGON celebrated their 20th Anniversary in 2018. In 2019 they are being given an honourary Harry Kremer Award for their Contributions to the Canadian comic retail landscape and beyond.

As an awards sponsor and booster, they have self-omitted themselves previously from consideration for the Kremer Award, but unbeknownst to them, the Awards Executive felt that in light of their special anniversary year as well as the JSA’s 15th, and in lieu of Jenn being honoured with the TM Maple Award and the awards being presented in Guelph that all of these factors added up to it being the right time for the Dragon to officially be included to the short list of Canada’s top comic retailers. Congratulations Jenn!