BERNECHE, Stanley (1947-)


Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2008.

Stanley Berneche was born in Windsor, Ontario, in 1947. Following his studies at Mount Allison University, Berneche became the leading artist associated with the counterculture humour magazine Fuddle Duddle, which was published in Ottawa by Jeffrey R. Darcey (JRD Publishing) from 1971 to 1972.

Berneche’s main collaborator at the magazine was the writer Peter Evans, a friend from Berneche’s university days. Their satirical character Captain Canada, the first national superhero to appear following the Canadian Golden Age of Comics, made his debut in Fuddle Duddle #3. The second Captain Canada adventure appeared in issue #4 (a third and final adventure remains unpublished).

At the same time that he was contributing outrageous comics to Fuddle Duddle, Berneche was also drawing the strip True Tales of the RCMP for the Canadian Boy Scout magazine Trailblazers.

Following the demise of Fuddle Duddle, he continued to pursue his career as a graphic artist and illustrator. He is currently working on a variety of multimedia, web-related products and services, including website design, the design of next-generation, public-access, graphical user-interfaces, and the development of web-delivered, limited-series illustrations. He also claims to be “shooting billiards to a level never seen before.”

One of the most talented Canadian comics artists of the 1970s, Berneche made the following statement regarding his current activities — “I am still the guy who comes up with the ideas… for marketing all sorts of companies on any and all media available. I am still the guy who makes observations on life through illustrations and photo manips available on my multiple social web accounts… for anyone to enjoy or comment on” and as to his future plans — “Who really ever knows? Maybe another Jeff Darcy is out there waiting to do something new”.


One thought on “BERNECHE, Stanley (1947-)

  1. Hi Stan

    I am your first cousin – Aunt Madeline’s daughter (born 1948). I remember meeting you when we were still very young but we all lost touch after you moved to Ottawa. I do remember your Mother & the tragedy of losing your young sister. I also remember your brother Ron who is as I remember a couple years younger than you.

    On Oct 1st my sister Carol (born 1946) & our youngest sister Starr (born 1959) & myself went to Brampton to a memorial service for our cousin Trish. She was Uncle Len’s second youngest who died of alcoholism at the age of 55. A very sad story but her sisters & brother Tom stood by her all the way but were unsuccessful trying to help her.

    At this service Dianna said that she had been on the internet & saw that you had a website & were very successful in the art field. My brother Ron has a son in university right now that is also very gifted in the arts. Perhaps some of that talent runs in our families. It was so great to read about you & your accomplishments & to know how proud your Dad must have been of you.

    I hope that your brother Ron has done well for himself as well & that you have remained close.

    We have six children in our family & the six of us are very close friends. You may remember Carol, myself & maybe our brother Jack. Holly came next in age then Ron & Starr. Some of us are doing better than the others but we all take care of each other. Jack is the only one living away & he is in Brussells, Ont but we still see alot of each other.

    Only Aunt Barb & Aunt Elinor are still alive. All the brothers & the one sister are gone now. Trish however was our first cousin to pass away from the Berneche family in recent times.

    I hope you don’t mind me dropping you this quick note at this site. If you have a chance please let me know that you rec’d it okay.

    Take care & please say hello to Ron for me.


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