STEELE, Tedd (1922-1994)

Tedd Steele (1922-1994)
Tedd Steele was born in Toronto on April Fool’s day in 1922. As a 19 year-old, he created Canada’s first caped and masked superhero with Wolf Savage in the newsprint tabloid Canadian Rocket (April, 1941) and a month later the caped crusader Rock Thunder in the first issue of the pulp magazine Victory. About a year later Steele was hired by Cy Bell and created Pvt. Stuff for Joke Comics and Speed Savage for Triumph Comics. Steele also drew Dixon of the Mounted for ten early issues of Active Comics and was the artist on the final four appearances of Thunderfist. He was noted for drawing himself and friends Leo Bachle and Ron Saakel into a number of stories and also created Woody and the Wolf for later issues of Wow Comics. After the comics period Steele turned to writing and did a small number of paperbacks for Export publishing. He also had a career in advertising until he retired in 1990 to Bridgenorth, just outside Peterborough. Tedd Steele died on June 16, 1994 in Bridgenorth.