Editorial guidelines for newsblog article submissions

The purpose of the Joe Shuster Awards website is to:


It provides information about who is/was eligible, who has been nominated, who has won in the past, information about the people inducted into our Hall of Fame, as well as who is in the Awards Association and what the goals of the organization are, and what these awards are all about.


(a) by being a resource site for people looking for information on Canadian comic book and graphic novel creators, webcomics, retailers and publishers.

(b) by providing a regularly updated Newsblog with articles pertaining to:  (i) creators, (ii) publishers, (iii) retailers, (iv) events that are of benefit to (i), (ii) and (iii), as well as (v) general interest stories concerning Canadian comic books and (vi) op/ed pieces related to Canadian comic books.


On occasion we are forwarded news items, announcements and other general interest pieces for consideration. The website editorial team will review these requests and if they are deemed appropriate they will be posted on the website.

Just because an article is submitted doesn’t mean that it is automatically going to be posted on this website. We are not NEWSARAMA, Sequential Spiltink, Comic Book Resources, The Beat, The Comics Reporter, the Comic Book Bin or Comic Book Daily. Just because we are a comics newsblog doesn’t mean that we will run every bit of comic news — it MUST align with purpose #2 (as above).

An example of an article that was submitted and then rejected:  a promotional article advertising a comedy show was submitted under the pretext that the event would be of interest to comic fans. Reason for rejection: A review of the article and the website affiliated with the event, did not indicate any connection to Canadian comics and graphic novels. The event did not feature Canadian comic book creators or publishers. The single comics retailer sponsor was not actively participating at the event with a retail set-up, nor was the event being held in their store. There were no advertised individuals selling or promoting comics at the event.

On occasion, we do push the boundaries. Borderline articles:

– Non-Canadian creators appearing at a Canadian store or event – may be approved on the grounds that they are being held in a Canadian store or Canadian event.

– We also run articles related to movie adaptations of comics and graphic novels by Canadians — while not comics, the intent is that people will hopefully be interested in the source material which does qualify.

On occasion, we err. Examples of articles that should not have been published:

– articles with ties to events or movies or other media with no obvious connection to Canadian comics — such as a stage production, video game, movie or television show that may be shot in Canada locations/cities or involves Canadian actors or producers.

So, with that in mind, we are striving to maintain a tight sense of editorial consistency. Unlike most comics newsblogs we do have an actual AGENDA in doing this portion of the site. We will be working together to make sure that we continue to post newsblog articles that align with that agenda.

If you do have a relevant article that you would like posted on this site, please send it to info@joeshusterawards.com and if you are interested in becoming a regular poster/columnist on this site, please contact Kevin Boyd directly at kevin@joeshusterawards.com

The Awards Association reserves the right to edit/revise submitted articles and all posts/editorials to make sure they align with the goals of the Awards Association, as well as correct any and all spelling and grammatical errors identified.



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