CHARTIER, Albert (1912-2004)

Albert Chartier (1912-2004)

(click on the link above for a CBC article on Chartier – in French)

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2007

Albert Chartier was one of the best Canadian comics artists. He turned to comics after studying fine arts. His first comic was ‘Bouboule’, a Sunday comic which appeared in La Patrie for six months in 1936-37. In 1940, he moved to New York, where he worked as a humorous illustrator for Columba Comics Corporation. During World War II, Chartier was a staff artist at the information office of Ottawa. Albert Chartier created his most popular character in Le Bulletin des Agriculteurs du Québec: ‘Onésime’, a one page monthly strip that ran from November 1943 through to June 2002. For the same magazine, Chartier produced the ‘Séraphin’ series for 19 years – from October 1951 through to September 1970. In 1963-64, he drew ‘Les Canadiens’, a bilingual strip for the Toronto Telegram News Service. Chartier also worked as an illustrator for several magazines and promotional campaigns.



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