Looks like Canadians also went ga-ga for Obama Amazing Spider-Man comic.

Amazing Spider-Man 583 (Obama Variant)

Spider-Man Comic Book Starring Barack Obama Sells Out In 20 Mins. In T.O.
Courtesy of CityTV News

Before I run the quote from CityTV — some background:

Reports are coming in from all over the US that people were lining up at their local comic shop this morning to be among the first to get their copy of Amazing Spider-Man 583, which features Spider-Man saving the President-Elect from assassins at his inauguration ceremony. In the end Obama and Spider-Man meet.

Of course, this really has nothing to do with Canadian comics at all, no – the Canadian connection comes in the form of the reports emerging from the Canadian media (such as CityTV) that Canadians, or at least Torontonians, were also swept up in the excitement over this new release:

It went on sale in Toronto on Wednesday, but it didn’t stay on store shelves for long. The comic sold out at the Silver Snail on Queen St. W. in about 20 minutes, after many people waited in the bitter cold to ensure they got their copy.

Maurie Sherman was one of the first in line. “It’s a little piece of history to have something with the coolest president we’ve ever had in it,” he explains. “I mean Obama’s like the coolest guy ever … I mean he seems that way, anyway.”

Well… he’s not really OUR president Mr. Sherman, seeing as we live in Canada and we have a completely different system of government and a Prime Minister, but one can’t begrudge the excitement that any popular release, whipped into a frenzy by the media, can do to help Canadian comics retailers in an otherwise quiet January Wednesday.

On a side note, it is kind of odd that there’s very little mention in the media of the fact that DC Comics character Batman dies in the final pages of Final Crisis #6 (no doubt to return again), which also came out today. Then again, they ran the story that he had died last month in the last issue of the Batman R.I.P storyline and DC has spent the last month trying to explain that he didn’t. So one can understand the confusion there.

UPDATE: Jason just reminded me that the highly prized Obama variant cover was coloured by Canadian colourist Chris Chuckry, so there is a Canadian connection after all!