2009: Captain Canuck news

Courtesy: Richard Comely’s Captain Canuck site

cck12009 promises to be a great year for Captain Canuck

– IDW Publishing will publish collections of the original 1975–1980 series (issues 1–14 and the 1980 double size Summer Special) in hard cover and trade paper backs. Their first release in June will feature Issues four to ten in a hard cover edition. The 1980 Summer Special and Issues 11 to 14 will be released in December. Issue one, two and three will be published by Comely Comix along with Issue 15 which was produced in 1980 but not published. The paint on acetate colouring meathod developed by Dick Thomas and I in 1975 will be presented in it’s true glory in these deluxe editions.

– The four part Captain Canuck Legacy series will be completed in 2009. The second edition is planned for a June release with issue three following in July and issue four in August. Issue number one is still available here.

– In September, the Legacy series will also be published as a Graphic Novel with added content.

– Captain Canuck is being developed as a feature film by Toronto based Sinking Ship Productions Inc. A release date could come by 2011. J.J. Johnson and Blair Powers are spear heading the effort to bring Captain Canuck to the big (and small) screen.

– This web site – the official Captain Canuck web site – will get a redesign in the next few months. New content will be be added and added much more frequently.

Have a Happy, healthy 2009!


Richard Comely

Comely has also announced that there are discussions to launch a Captain Canuck Energy Bar and notes that issues of Captain Canuck: Unholy War were featured on CTV’s Corner Gas.