Jeff Lemire’s The Nobody


Newsarama has the scoop on 2008 Joe Shuster Award Winning Cartoonist Jeff Lemire’s NEXT project: a 144 page original graphic novel for DC/Vertigo entitled The Nobody.

Scheduled for release in July, The Nobody is a modern-day reinterpretation of H.G. Wells’ classic novel The Invisible Man, in which the eponymous lead is hiding out in a small fishing village and finding that although he’s invisible it’s still hard to blend in.

“Basically I take the character of “The Bandaged Stranger” and have him hiding out in a small town Motel,” said Jeff Lemire. “At first the community embraces him, but then it all starts to go wrong. Like most of my work, it’s an exploration of rural communities, and small town life. But unlike The Essex County Trilogy that I did with Top Shelf, which focused on family, and the ties that hold people together through tragedy, The Nobody explores the darker side of small town life, the close-mindedness and prejudice that can be prevalent in such an isolated place.”