Blogosphere: Dale Eaglesham on his move to Marvel.

ffcolor_smLast week at the New York Comic Con it was announced that Dale Eaglesham was now under exclusive contract with Marvel Comics and would be illustrating the Fantastic Four title (starting next fall). Now you can get the scoop directly from 2008 Artist of the Year Dale Eaglesham on his website/blog as he discusses why he made the move. Dale on leaving DC:

I’ve spent the past decade working at DC and very simply and naturally, the need for change was what motivated my decision to come back to Marvel. The DCU is amazing and I’ve felt at home working with its characters, but Marvel is where my career began back in 1985 and the Marvel universe is still very much alive in my creative blood. I felt it was time to revitalize my creative energies, and a return to my roots seemed right for that. Since Geoff and I were ending our run on JSA, the timing was right too – I wouldn’t have wanted to leave in the middle of a project.