Interviews: Troy Little

Courtesy of Comic Book Resources:

An interview with Troy Little about his January 2009 comic release Angora Napkin, and his work on a soon-to-air animated version. He also discusses Chiaroscuro, collected by IDW.   From CBR:

The roots of “Angora Napkin” stemmed from an idea for a wacky retro cartoon, so it was only natural that the style carried over when I decided to make a comic out of it. Also, I had spent the better part of five years cross-hatching myself blind on “Chiaroscuro” that I wanted to do something fun and loose as a bit of a break.



The Joe Shuster Awards are proud to have Troy participating as a jury member for the newly added Gene Day Award for Self-Publishing.  As a creator who spent years creating , and working through the ups and downs of self-publishing/distributing, Troy is an excellent example to self-publishing creators everywhere.  From CBR:

I had managed to self-publish seven issues of “Chiaroscuro” thanks to a Xeric grant before the book went on hiatus. Eventually, I managed to finish the first book and I did a small print-on-demand run of the collected work, which I sent around to reviewers, publishers and industry folk. Dave Sim of “Cerebus” fame wrote a very positive review on his blog about my book. Shortly after, I was contacted by IDW Publishing and within a year the hardcover edition of “Chiaroscuro” was on shelves! I can’t thank Dave enough for his support and inspiration.