State of the Awards update – end of Feb. 2009

As we are nearing the end of February, here is a status update on the progress of the 2009 Joe Shuster Awards:

  • Gene Day Award for Canadian creators who self-publishing their work was announced on February 23, 2009. Call for submissions now open and ends on May 18, 2009. Submissions can be mailed in or dropped off at some comics related events this spring. See the Gene Day Award page for more information.
  • Round One Nominating for Artist, Writer, Cartoonist and Colourist categories is nearly complete. Round Two starts on March 10, 2009. As well, nominees for Cover Art, Publisher and Webcomic Creator(s) are being discussed. All Nominees will be selected by the end of March 2009 and announced on Wednesday, April 1, 2009.
  • The Inductees for the Hall of Fame have been selected. The four inductees (three living, one deceased) and their families are currently in the process of being notified. Inductees for the Hall of Fame in 2009 will be announced at a later date.
  • The Comics for Kids Award Nominating Committee is currently sifting through the eligible material and will also have their selections ready for the April 1 Nominees announcement.
  • 2009 Poster (artwork by Francis Manapul and Agnes Garbowska) is still in the production phase.

On April 1, we begin Part III of the long process that leads to the presentation of the Joe Shuster Awards on June 27, 2009. Phase III consists of:

  • Starting mid-April, the Jury reviews, discusses and makes their final selections from the list of Nominees announced on April 1. (Artist, Writer, Cartoonist, Colorist, Publisher, Cover Art, Webcomics). Jury will decide the winners in early June 2009.
  • Retailer Committee makes their final selection for the Harry Kremer Retailer Award (late May 2009)
  • Jury #2 makes their top 5 selections for the Gene Day Award in late May from the submissions received (nominees announced June 3rd) then makes their final decision for who will receive the award in 2009.
  • Jury #3 makes their decision on who will receive the Comics for Kids Award in 2009 in early June.
  • Work begins on the production of the 2nd Joe Shuster Awards Sequential Arts Symposium Day.
  • Collection of pieces for the 2009 Visions of an Icon art show for the June 27th JSA Day
  • Distribution of 2009 Poster and event postcards.
  • Manufacturing of the Award plaques in mid-June.