Modern Masters Volume 23: Darwyn Cooke

TwoMorrows Publishing's Modern Masters Volume 23: Darwyn Cooke (Cover)
TwoMorrows Publishing's Modern Masters Volume 23: Darwyn Cooke (Cover)

Source: Almost Darwyn Cooke’s Blog (but not quite)

TwoMorrows Publishing will be releasing Modern Masters Volume 23: Darwyn Cooke, scheduled for release on July 22nd, 2009.

Solicitation Info from TwoMorrows Publishing:

120 page Trade Paperback – By Eric Nolen-Weathington

In the year 2000, a bold, new force exploded into the world of comics. His name: Darwyn Cooke, and it is no wonder his work immediately stood out from his peers. Years in the magazine industry as an art director and graphic designer—not to mention his work as storyboard artist for the award-winning Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, and Batman Beyond cartoons, and as director for Men in Black: The Series—imbued Cooke’s art with a unique sense of design and energy. But comics is where Cooke’s heart truly lies, and his love for the medium shows on every page. His work on such titles as Catwoman and DC: The New Frontier are a showcase for this Modern Master. This book features a career-spanning interview with the artist, a discussion of his creative process, and reams of rare and unseen art, including a large gallery of commissioned work, and 8 pages of full color work.

ISBN-13: 978-1-605490-20-5
ISBN-10: 1-605490-20-2