Canadian Comic Book Creators News from WonderCon – Part 1

Captain Canuck
Captain Canuck

Here I am again, experiencing both WonderCon and MegaCon, through the magical world of the Internet, Newsarama, and Comic Book Resources. I’ll be linking up news related to Canadian Comic Book Creators here.

Source: Newsarama: WonderCon ’09 – IDW Panel

“Captain Canuck – IDW will collect the original series by Richard [Comely] and George Freeman, the two hardcover volumes will be scanned from the original art by Freeman. The first volume will ship in June.”

“The Last Resort – written by Jimmy Palmiotti, a zombie comic that takes place in a Club Med style setting. Covers will be by Amanda Conner and Darwyn Cooke.”

“Torpedo – collecting the entire work by Enrique Abulli and Jordi Bernet, the comic in oversized hardcovers. The first volume will contain two stories by Alex Toth. The ganger epic will be rewritten from translation by Jimmy Palmiotti, with design by Darwyn Cooke.”

“The cover to Cooke’s adaptation of Richard Stark’s The Hunter was shown, and Dunbier gave the history of the project, and how he personally had to convince author Donald Westlake that Cooke could faithfully adapt the work. Resistant at first, Westlake was swayed by Cooke’s art, and as a result, Westlake gave Cooke and IDW permission to adapt the work and call the character “Parker,” something Westlake had never done in any of the other adaptations of the novel.

The graphic novel will run 128-138 pages, and be slightly smaller than normal, perhaps 6” x 9”. Dunbier showed the first two pages of the graphic novel, and then held up the first 72 pages of it. The completed version should be in stores in July.”

“Dunbier said that the size of The Hunter was something that Cooke requested to make it look like a paperback from the ‘60s. The book will published in hardcover, run 144 pages (Dunbier was unsure of the length of the story as Cooke is still working on it) and carry a $24.99 cover price. Dunbier noted that Cooke is doing the first four Parker novels, but he is talking to Cooke about two more projects that would be related to the graphic novels.”

Source: Newsarama: WonderCon ’09 – Aspen Panel

“After the Soulfire: New World Order miniseries concludes, the second volume by Krul and artist Marcus To will premiere. Due to the delays in the first volume, the second has several issues stockpiled and future months are said to see quite a bit of the modern fantasy series being released.”

Source: Newsarama: WonderCon ’09 – Oni Press Panel

“Speaking of Scott Pilgrim, Casoni said that Bryan Lee O’Malley was adamant that both the first printing of volume 5 be something special for fans (this was the holofoil cover mentioned earlier) and that the cost of that cover should not be passed on to the readers, resulting in no increase in price.

Scott Pilgrim volume 6 will be out by the time the movie hits theaters. The movie, Jarrell explained, will encompass the entire series, rather than just the first book. The first volume, Jarrell said, pretty much makes up the first 20 minutes of the film.”