Canadian Comic Book Creators News from MegaCon

Source: Newsarama: MegaCon ’09 Day 3 Report: Dan DiDio, Amanda Conner, More

[Darwyn] Cooke, who said that he was thoroughly enjoying the show and will keep coming back so long as MegaCon will have him, admitted that there won’t be much coming out from him in the next few months, but in July, fans will see publication of an original graphic novel from him based on Richard Stark’s famous crime novel, The Hunter. Cooke said that he has some pretty big plans for the future with DC that he can’t let out of the bag yet, but he could say that he is going to do issue #50 of Jonah Hex, which is going to be slightly longer than the regular monthly issues.”

“…Steve McNiven looked up from his sketchpad for a few moments to talk about his work on Wolverine. He is finishing up the “Old Man Logan” story in a giant size finale, written by Mark Millar, and that after that, he just wants to take a long rest. He has resigned with Marvel, so fans can expect to see more from him there.”