Comics Festival! 2009 Line-Up

comics-festival-2009-line-upSource: Comics212

Chris Butcher has announced the full line-up for Comics Festival! 2009 This book is released every two years (to coincide with the Toronto Comic Arts Festival) on Free Comic Book Day. FCBD takes place this year on Saturday May 2nd, 2009. TCAF takes place the following weekend on May 9th and 10th, 2009.

That’s right! It’s the official line-up for COMICS FESTIVAL 2009! Featuring a ton of great Canadian cartoonists doing all kinds of great kid-oriented new stories! Bug your retailer, make sure he or she has ordered lots and lots! It’s AWESOME!


Sardine in Outer Space, by Emmanuel Guibert!
Jellaby, by Kean Soo! (2 stories!)

Blackbeard, by Kate Beaton!
Three Thieves, by Scott Chantler!
Jelly vs. Peanut Butter, by CTON!
Ella & Squid, by Willow Dawson!
Ojingogo, by Matthew Forsythe!
Possessions, by Ray Fawkes!
To Do List, by Faith Erin Hicks!
Battle Academy, by Eric Kim!
Evil Bacon, by Dave Lapp!
Angora Napkin, by Troy Little!
Pegasus and the Monumonsters, by Steve Charles Manale!
Princess Planet, by Brian McLachlan!
Barbarian For Hire, by John Martz and Zach Worton!
Dinosaur Comics, by Ryan North!
Rosco’s Big Day, by Steve Rolston!
The Go-Friends, by Ben Shannon!
Galaxion, by Tara Tallan!
Monster Cops, by Chip Zdarsky!
Uh-Oh the Crow vs. Breakfast, by Jim Zubkavich!

Look for it on Free Comic Book Day!

– Chris