“North 40” with artwork by Fiona Staples

North 40 #1 Cover by Fiona Staples
North 40 #1 Cover by Fiona Staples

Source: Comic Book Resources

Aaron Williams (ps238, Full Frontal Nerdity) is interviewed over at Comic Book Resources, about the new Wildstorm series that he will be writing, featuring artwork by Calgary artist, Fiona Staples (Secret History of the Authority: Hawksmoor). You can preview some pages over at Comic Book Resources. Here is a excerpt from the interview with Aaron Williams, conducted by Comic Book Resources.

What can you say about the art of Fiona Staples?

The most common thing I find myself saying is, “Yeah, that’s even better than I envisioned it!” I was shown her work for the “Hawksmoor” comic, and I knew “North 40” was in great hands. Her work is fantastic, and it’s a real thrill seeing another artist’s interpretation of your ideas. She also draws some incredible monsters. There are several that come from a salvage yard in Conover County that I can’t wait for everyone to see. She captures the people and setting so well, I can almost hear the locusts and smell the grass and gas near the convenience store at the edge of town. There’s been a lot of discussion about seeing if we could clone her somehow, so we’re trying to get a research grant. Seriously, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a lot more from Fiona in the near future, which is awesome.