Back from Calgary

This afternoon Peter Fisico and I returned from our visit to Alberta for the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. Thanks to organizers Kandrix and Ken and the rest of the Calgary Expo staff and volunteers for putting on such a great convention! It was fun to meet the many Albertans who came by to visit the Joe Shuster Awards booth and it was great to see (and in some cases meet for the first time in person) many of the people who have helped out the Joe Shuster Awards in the past, like Stephen Fuller (Nominating Committee 2007 and Hall of Fame Nominating Committee 2008), Jay Bardyla and Shawna Roe (Nominating Committee 2009) and Leonard Wong (Nominating Committee 2005).

The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo was chock full of Canadian comic book creators and we had some great talks with many people there such as Laurie B., Darwyn Cooke, Steve Rolston, Fiona Staples, Marcus To, Svetlana Chmakova, Ray Fawkes, Scott Hepburn and the guys from Red 5 Comics, just to name a handful. We also received some entries for the Gene Day Award and some pieces for the Visions Gallery.

Big thanks to Peter for enduring my snoring and for getting a copy of the stunning 2009 Calgary Con art book signed by many of the contributors and for representing me at the charity auction where I scored a fantastic framed piece by guest Shane Glines.

Upon return I had some time to catch up with Dave Sim, who has done a Wolverine painted piece for the Visions Gallery that I will be picking up next weekend. Dave also mentioned that the Cerebus Archive #2 Zombie Obama Variant solicited in the latest Previews is not going to be reprinted, so if you want a copy, you better place an order with your comics retailer!