Status Update: May 19, 2009

So, here’s where we currently stand with the 2009 Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards:

– Waiting for the green light to announce the 4 Hall of Fame inductees.

Comics for Kids nomcom finally received the additional books they were waiting to review, so they should be coming to a final list soon.

– We’ve received over 20 Wolverine pieces for this year’s Visions art show & sale, including the Sim and Manapul pieces that have already been previewed here on the JSA blog. People will be impressed. If you are submitting, the deadline for the Visions show has been pushed back to mid-September 2009 and the display will coincide with the late September Awards presentation.

– To the fellow that Twittered on the weekend that the deadline for Gene Day was on a Canadian holiday (Victoria Day), you should now know that the deadline for Gene Day Self-Publishing Award is now early August 2009 so there’s still time to get those submissions in and we hope you were able to enjoy the long weekend.

– Do you want your store to be considered for the Outstanding Canadian Comics Retailer Award? Nominate them as soon as possible! The deadline for nominating a store for the Harry Kremer Retailer Award is early August 2009.

– As you may or may not know, the Awards have been pushed back to September 26-27, 2009. We will be making further announcements over the summer re: the specifics of time, locations, festivities.

– Jury will be sent their copies of nominated works within the next week, and will have the summer to review them.