Comic Book Bin reviews Canadian comics and cartoons

Generally, we try not to link to reviews here at the JSA blog, we try to keep you up-to-date on the news and goings-on in the Canadian comics community as best we can. If we did link to reviews, we’d just be page after page of links to comics reviews, often with multiple reviews of the same material.

However, there is a Canadian news site which does feature regular reviews of new books published – and that’s the

Here are some recent comics reviews featuring work by Canadians recommended by the Bin’s publisher:
Denis Rodier
Jean-François Bergeron
Doug Wright

The one thing that is particularly notable about the Bin is their commitment to producing reviews of Quebecois BD, which is often ignored in other parts of Canada.

They even did an extensive overview of the BD work produced in 2008 by Joe Shuster Award nominees.