DC/Vertigo previews Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth

DC/Vertigo has released the first look at the covers and interior pages for Jeff Lemire’s upcoming monthly series SWEET TOOTH.

Colored by Jose Villarrubia, the first issue ship sin September for only $1

Sweet Tooth is the story Gus, a young boy born with antlers and deer-like features. He has lived his entire life in total isolation in the woods with his Father, a kind, but zealous man. As our story begins Gus’ is finally forced to leave their forest sanctuary and begins to experience the outside world for the first time, and what he finds outside is beyond his comprehension; an American landscape decimated a decade earlier by a deadly pandemic. Even more remarkable is that Gus is part of a rare new breed of human/animal hybrid children who have emerged in its wake, all apparently immune to the infection.

The boy is soon taken in by Jepperd, a hulking drifter who promises to lead Gus to “The Preserve”, a fabled safe-haven for hybrid children.