Cerebus Archive #3 Preview at Bleeding Cool

Previewed over at Rich Johnston’s new Bleeding Cool website: Cerebus Archive is a serialized account of Dave Sim’s career as a cartoonist and comics creator. Issue #3 contains three comics stories from the seventies, “The Necromancer,” “The Company Man,” and “Gravedigger’s Banquet” as well his rejection letters from Charlton Comics.

The variant cover for this issue continues the tradition of zombie-fied versions of classic Cerebus covers, in this case it’s Cerebus #3 – the introduction of Red Sophia.

The Cerebus Archive variant covers: From left to right: #3 (held by K. Boyd), #1 (held by Dave Sim), the original #1 cover, #2 (Obama), #5 (upright on chair) and #4 (flat on chair).
A JSA exclusive --- Back in late April 2009 we got to see the original art for the Cerebus Archive zombie variant covers at the Aardvark-Vanaheim offices and Dave let us take a picture: (From left to right) #3 (held by K. Boyd), #1 (held by Dave Sim), the original Cerebus #1 cover from 1977, #2 (Obama - on window ledge), #5 (upright on chair) and #4 (flat on chair). Photo courtesy of Yoram Matzkin.
Regular cover
Regular cover
Zombie Variant