Bottle of Awesome by Andy B. on Zuda Comics

Bottle of Awesome Page 1 by Andy B.
Bottle of Awesome Page 1 by Andy B.

Bottle of Awesome, a new webcomic by Andy Belanger, debuted yesterday on Zuda Comics. Andy B. is also known for his other webcomic that is part of Transmission X, Raising Hell.

Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources has posted an interview with Andy B. about the release of Bottle of Awesome.

JK: So what exactly is Bottle of Awesome?

Andy: Bottle of Awesome is my escape from everything I would normally do. I’m a horror aficionado, The bulk of my work thus far has been horror. Bottle of Awesome is a step in the complete other direction from that. It’s a comedy, however, dark at times. It’s me getting in touch with my high school days. I wanted to tell a story that was a throwback to all those ’80s “You can do it” films. Films like The Karate Kid, Weird Science, Real Genius and so on. I have been noticing a trend in comics where it feels like every comic is Batman. Every character is a dark brooding anti-hero with a chip on his shoulder and a set of dead parents as his motive. Comics just seem to all have the same mood and as much as my work is knee deep in it, I wanted a change. That change is Bottle of Awesome!

Bottle of Awesome is the story of a real geeky dweeb named “Billy Butterman” or as the kids call him “Billy Butterpants”. Billy would soil his pants at the hint of nervousness ‘til he was ten. Like all dweebs, Billy is constantly terrorized by the school bullies, gym teacher and principal. That is until one fateful night while walking home late after school, he comes across a mysterious bum under a bridge. That bum gives Billy something amazing, something magic, the Bottle of Awesome. Whenever Billy drinks from the magic glowing bottle, he gets really awesome at whatever he wishes. However, if he drinks too much, he has the possibility of becoming too awesome and capable of causing life-threatening damage. In comic terms, it’s like Popeye just jumped into an Archie comic that was written by Jody Hill. I think B. of A. will fill a gap in comics that has been missing since The Katzenjammer Kids and Hogan’s Alley. I’m a huge fan of South Park and would say to myself, “Now Matt Stone and Trey Parker have fun jobs.” This is where my story is coming from. I figured who knows more about being awesome after drinking than me? Just kidding; it’s probably quite the opposite.


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