Canadian Comic Book Creators News from San Diego Comic Con International – Part 1

Prince of Persia Cover by Todd McFarlane
Prince of Persia Cover by Todd McFarlane

Source: Newsarama: SDCC 09 – SUPERMAN: TWO WORLDS Panel

“Tying in to Codename Patriot, Robinson will be doing another Jimmy Olsen special, with art by Bernard Chang.”

Source: Comic Book Resources: CCI: DC Comics Superman Panel

“Sterling Gates mentioned September’s “Supergirl Annual,” which is the origin of Superwoman. “Secret Files” comes out in conjunction with “Codename Patriot,” with art by Jamal Igle, Francis Manapul, and more.”

Source: Comic Book Resources: CCI: Vertigo New Ongoing Series/Crime Line

Gus, the lead character, in Lemire’s “Sweet Tooth” earned an appreciation of cuteness from Berger although as the artist explained, the series won’t dwell on cuteness. A human/deer hybrid, Gus roams a post-apocalyptic America ruined by the creation of hybrid animals…and a world he’s never lived in. The naivete of the character will lead him down some distressing paths over the course of the first arc.

Source: Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources: SDCC ‘09 | Bachalo and Jock enlist in EA’s Army of Two

Electronic Arts is at Comic-Con promoting, among other video games, Army of Two: The 40th Day, in which much rides on the moral choices made by the two players.

To help illustrate the long-term impact of those decisions, the developers brought in artists Chris Bachalo and Jock to provide sequences of still images that show how those actions play out.

Destructoid has a slick promotional video for The 40th Day, plus a couple of illustrations by the artists. The game’s website also has a press release about Bachalo and Jock.

Source: Spawn.Com: ‘Prince of Persia’ Graphic Novel Cover Art Revealed

Posted above is the cover to the Prince of Persia graphic novel that will be released in April 2010. Cover artwork by Todd McFarlane.

Comic-Con Schedule Update: Stan Lee to Accept Guinness Record with Todd

Breaking news: legendary comic book creator Stan Lee will be joining Todd this Saturday at the Image Comics booth (#2729). If you’ve been following the Comic-Con news, you may have heard that Todd will be receiving a Guinness World Record for his work on Spider-Man #1 — “the Best Selling Comic, Single Edition.” We’re pleased to announce that not only will Todd, the writer and artist on this historic book, be on hand to accept the award, but the creator of Spider-Man, Stan Lee himself, will be there as well. Join us in the Image Comics booth this Saturday at 5:00pm to witness the acceptance ceremony.