Canadian Comic Book Creators News from San Diego Comic Con International – Part 3

Source: Newsarama: SDCC ’09: A Darker Shade of Ink: Crime and Noir in Comics
– Darwyn Cooke is one of creators on the panel, discussing crime and noir in comics.

Source: Newsarama: SDCC 09: Graphic Novels and Novelists
– Seth and Bryan Lee O’Malley are two of the panelists, discussing graphic novels.

“A fan asked how cultural background influenced the sequential elements of the form.

Seth, being Canadian, decided that that must be why his books are boring. But then Bryan Lee O’Malley cited himself as Canadian, blowing that argument out of the water. O’Malley then said it’s hard to look at your own work and see those things, and left it up to others.”

Source: Comics Continuum: Comic-Con: Bryan Lee O’Malley
– Spotlight on Bryan Lee O’Malley, moderated by Scott McCloud.

“Scott Pilgrim #6 will likely be released in 2010”

Source: Comic Book Resources: CCI: Scott Pilgrim: The Video Game
– Bryan Lee O’Malley discusses the upcoming Scott Pilgrim video game, which will coincide with the upcoming Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe movie.

“Universal hooked up with a number of different publishers, and we ended up going with Ubisoft. We talked about having an old school video game feeling like the books. That’s something we talked about with Universal, and Ubisoft has more to do with that idea, that aesthetic. We’re happy about it.”

Source: Comic Book Resources: CCI: The Image Comics Panel
– Robert Kirkman announces that David Finch will be illustrating the cover to Invincible Returns one-shot.

“The focus then shifted to Robert Kirkman as he discussed the future of three of his projects. “It’s a bold, new era for Invincible,” he exclaimed, revealing a David Finch-illustrated cover to “Invincible Returns” #1, a special one-shot issue that sees Mark Grayson returning to his original yellow costume. “

Source: Comic Book Resources: CCI: McFarlane Pencils “Spawn” #200
Todd McFarlane discusses Spawn #200, where he will write, pencil, and ink the issue. The issue is scheduled for a 2010 release.

“It’s issue #200, a big anniversary book, so I thought I’d come in there,” McFarlane told CBR News of his return to “Spawn’s” pencil-based interiors. “I’ve got some ideas for the story where I might have some pages done by guest artists for some flashback sequences. I’d do the A-story, and then within the confines of that there would be three or four little B-snippet flashbacks. So it’d kind of put together an all-star team, but until I get them to fully commit, I’ll hold off on the names.”

Source: Comic Book Resources: CCI Exclusive: Kirkman and McFarlane on “Haunt”
– Robert Kirkman and Todd McFarlane discuss their new creation, to be released by Images Comics starting October 2009.

“”We’ve had some fits and starts, and some false starts,” admitted McFarlane. “I didn’t want to be in a position where I put out a solicitation for the sake of putting out a solicitation. That’s too easy. I keep telling my Image partners that that’s the easiest thing that anybody can do in comic books. The hard part is delivering a book on time that’s of high quality, and maybe even delaying the solicitation so that you can hype it a little bit more. I know it’s been a little frustrating to Robert, but it’s already been two years – what’s two years and one month? We gotta do it. We gotta get it right. We gotta get this thing down. So him and I knocked down some of the big issues both creatively and on a business-marketing level, and now I’m inking the cover for issue #2. ‘Haunt’ has been given birth.””