Marcus To, new artist of DC’s Red Robin

Red Robin #6 Cover by Marcus To
Red Robin #6 Cover by Marcus To

Source: DC Universe: The Source

DC Universe: The Source has announced that Canadian Artist, Marcus To (known for his work with Aspen Comics on various mini-series related to Soulfire and Fathom), is the new regular artist on one of DC’s recently launched titles, Red Robin.

Starting in November with RED ROBIN #6, Marcus To (Aspen’s Soulfire) will step in as the new ongoing artist on RED ROBIN, taking over for Ramon Bachs, who steps over to launch AZRAEL with writer Fabian Nicieza. And, in lieu of me saying nice things about Marcus, I’ve cornered his editor, Michael Marts to give us the skinny on why Mr. To is the perfect choice to chronicle the continuing adventures of Tim Drake. Take it away, Marts:

“Marcus’s energetic and dynamic art style is the perfect match for Chris Yost’s fast-paced writing style. We’re extremely excited to have Marcus on board as a Bat-team regular.”

To see more of Marcus’ pencilled work on Red Robin, check out DC Universe: The Source.