A Superman without Joe Shuster?

While this is old news, last year Newsarama’s Jeff Trexler published an article with some interesting information on a missing chapter of the Superman creation story. According to Trexler and information found in the Siegel archives, in 1934 Joe Shuster was disillusioned over the duo’s inability to sell a syndicated Superman strip and had decided to leave the project. Siegel, undaunted, recruited another artist, Russell Keaton to work with him on the strip, and some samples were prepared – however, Keaton moved on shortly afterwards and decided to launch his own strip shortly afterwards.

According to the Trexler article, the Siegel/Keaton Superman’s origin was different in the details. He was found by Sam and Molly Kent, and was a time traveller – sent to the past from the distant future by his father, “the last man on earth”.

The sample strips were discovered in April 2008 and can be viewed here. The