Future discussion: Webcomics and the JSAs.

Since we added the category Outstanding Canadian Webcomic Creator / Creative team in 2007 the number of webcomics has increased dramatically, as has the quality of material being offered on the web by Canadian creators.

Aside from the Webcomics award, the Joe Shuster Award Categories are designed around original works published in print. It has been suggested by some that excluding Webcomics from the print categories of Artist, Writer, Cartoonist, etc. is discriminating against webcomics creators and marginalizing them. This is something that we’ll be discussing in the new year, after the 2009 Awards are presented, and according to Bryan at Sequential, this is something that we’ll be talking about at the panel at Word on the Street Toronto.

But generally, we’d like to hear what YOU think by asking for your feedback on which option you prefer:

1) I think webcomics creators should have their work included in the categories of artist, cartoonist, colourist and writer. Webcomics should judged against print comics.


2) I’m fine with the existing separate JSA webcomics creator / creative team category (and possibly expanding the number of webcomics awards handed out by the JSAs).


3 thoughts on “Future discussion: Webcomics and the JSAs.

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  2. I saw the discussion at Transmission regarding this. I’m sorry some people jumped to the idea of a prejudice against webcomics. I know that is not true of the JSA’s.

    The webcomics award is a natural part ofyour growth. Their initial focus has been on the direct market and you have added prizes for the web and minicomics/self-publishing and retailers.

    I think people don’t realize how much expense and time goes into these things. Many are more ready to complain than help out with donations of time of money. Awards cost money. Administration of a website costs money. Organizing so many people takes up time and a show as slick as the JSA’s are becoming takes a lot of people working together.

    I don’t see anyone on the posts offering to help out.

    Sure, look into adding more webcomic awards but don’t do anything until the awards are ready to carry them. You’ve done a great job so far.

  3. I’m reading all of this and it’s funny how this controversy was started at Transmission X (no doubt) the web comic site financed by Cameron Stewart and his flunkies and then I see he does not even show up to accept his Shuster Award for best web comic (a la Marlon Brando, lol)??? Prejudice, that’s so transparent. Don’t give in to this form of thuggery, you know as well as anyone that it would be way too time consuming and expensive for a non-profit to run an additional separate Canadian Web Comic Award and do we really need any more Canadian comic awards because some cry babies want one? Good on you Kevin for bringing it out in the open for the people to decide. If you fold web comics into the main awards them you have to also allow mini-comics and everything else that can be construed as comics as well. Are you prepared to manage all of that and make it fair for everyone at the same time?

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