Retailers: 3rd Quadrant reopens Today – November 5th

3rd-quadrant-logoIt’s been an interesting ride over the past few years for Toronto’s 3rd Quadrant Comics store owner Daryl C. Collison. Two years ago he was forced to close his popular and long-running McCaul Street (near Queen St.)  store because the owner had other plans for the building.

Pictured: the old McCaul & Queen Location.
Pictured: 3rd Quadrant's old location at McCaul & Queen. The building sits empty and unused since the store closed over 2 years ago.

Collison chose to divide his business between three locations (1) a main store located on Queen Street west of Bathurst, (2)  a new issues and graphic novels kiosk in the Black Market Clothing store near Queen and John (underneath the popular and now closed Pages bookstore), and (3) sharing a warehouse storage space with Toronto’s Hairy Tarantula in a lower level storefront located in Thornhill on Yonge St. near Steeles Ave.

Unfortunately the relocation didn’t work as well as hoped and Collison eventually had to concentrate on the single Black Market kiosk location and put even more stock into storage. With all of the changes, construction and planned renovation on Queen Street West, the Black Market kiosk was no longer an option and was closed last week. Collison had to make another move — this time up to the warehouse location in Thornhill.

(It’s actually quite sad to see so many Queen Street West’s art community landmarks disappearing only to be replaced by condos and brand name clothing, shoe stores and Pottery Barns. As Robert noted earlier today, the sole surviving comics shop on Queen St. West is the Silver Snail – having seen the coming and going of Bakka Books, Dragon Lady Comics, Grey Region Comics, Pages Bookstore and 3rd Quadrant Comics. Although technically there is one other – the manga-focused Magic Pony which is much further along on Queen St., a few blocks west of Bathurst.)

The Thornhill storefront was the site for a warehouse style sale (Basement Comic-con) earlier in the year (which also included fellow stores Hairy T, Paradise Comics and the Watcher), but this past weekend Collison officially moved into that space and has completed changes to the location for opening day — TODAY, November 5, 2009.

The new 3rd Quadrant Comics  is located at 6979 Yonge Street (near Yonge and Steeles). Hairy Tarantula will also be selling product at this location.

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  1. Not only comic bookstores but great used bookstores once lined that strip of Queen St. between University & Spadina. Sigh…the good ‘ol days…

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