Retailers: RIP – Toronto’s Grey Region

The website is down, the phone has been disconnected and the doors closed on one of Toronto’s better known comic book stores, Grey Region. It’s a shame that I didn’t notice until a month later.


Grey Region was in business just over 20 years, opening on Queen Street West back in 1987. During comics boom period they were part of ‘comics alley’ along with Dragon Lady and the Silver Snail, and a later addition, 3rd Quadrant. Now only the Snail stands, with Dragon Lady long since moved to College Street and 3rd Quadrant moving around the city, with it’s newest location in the North end, let’s call it Thornhill/Vaughn, opening this week.

At one time Grey Region had 4 locations, but only the Yonge Street had lasted. Located on Yonge, just south of Wellesley, Grey Region was down the street from 1,000,000 Comix, giving collectors another reason to walk the Yonge corridor. They seemed to struggle with an identity, moving heavily into used toys and later LAN video gaming. It’s sad to see a staple of the Toronto comics scene slip away quietly.

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2 thoughts on “Retailers: RIP – Toronto’s Grey Region

  1. I was in town over the Christmas break and saw that it had closed down. It’s too bad, I used to stop by every week years ago.

  2. I worked here for 4 yrs…..left town and didn’t look back, but its heart breaking to hear she saw her last sunset….the stories i could tell, oh well all good things come to an end i suppose. RIP

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