Canadian Business Magazine profiles Drawn & Quarterly

Published earlier this week, Graphic novels: Canadian Splendour – How Quebec’s Drawn & Quarterly became a global powerhouse in the unlikely realm of graphic novels by reporter Jason McBride profiles the history, growth and overall success of Chris Oliveros’ Drawn & Quarterly. The article features lots of quotes from comics critic/historian Jeet Heer and the Beguiling owner Peter Berkimoe, as well as Oliveros himself.

D&Q is a small (by industry standards), independent publisher based in Montreal, known for its attractively designed, critically acclaimed graphic novels. The company’s stable of artists, which includes Seth, Julie Doucet and Adrian Tomine may not be household names, but among comic fans they are luminaries. As a result, D&Q now claims an annual revenue of $2 million (industry insiders estimate it to be much higher), with a profit margin of about 6%, $300,000 of which comes from a retail outlet the press opened in Montreal in 2007.

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