Publishing round up

With a movie coming out in 2010, the award-winning Scott Pilgrim series is getting a lot of heat lately, and creator Bryan Lee O’Malley lets us know that he has nothing to do with the new British/Commonwealth (excluding Canada) editions of his popular Oni Press series.

Borders US is pushing Scott Pilgrim by compiling volumes 1 – 3 as a single unit. Thankfully that leaves some wiggle room so the kids can run back to pick up volumes 4 & 5 at a later date (and leaves room for a package for volumes 4-6 when #6 is published).

Also, Drawn and Quarterly brings Matthew Forsythe’s Ojingogo back to print with an all-new cover.


One thought on “Publishing round up

  1. Funny, I was just at a Borders bookstore today, while I’m currently in LA, and noticed the 3-packs of Scott Pilgrim. Thought those were pretty cool.

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