It’s open! Libraire the 4th Wall

With an eye towards being the comic equivalent of an Apple Store, Librairie the 4th Wall opened it’s doors last month.

Owned by webcomic creator Ryan Sohmer and others, Librairie the 4th Wall is located in bustling Pointe-Claire, Quebec, a suburb of Montreal bustling with 16 to 30 year olds.

With the store receiving great reviews from local patrons and/or fans of the author, we look forward to the growth of this comic shop.

And now… your virtual tour:

The exterior.

In the front door.

The front counter and webcomic section.

then a reading nook.

Then begins the graphic novels. Don't mind that weird room back there. I'm sure nothing scary happens back there...
Some more book cases.
And The End. There you go. Not quite the same as visiting, so go have a visit. Say hello to manager Jeff Moss while you are there. Jeff is also one of the hosts of the Watchtower podcast and was a presenter at this year's Joe Shuster Awards ceremony back in September.

One thought on “It’s open! Libraire the 4th Wall

  1. We just went to this store, we find that it is well done and very home-like. We will definitly be back to buy some comics at this wonderful store!!

    Five stars out of five for sure!!

    Anything that you need, if its from Spider-man to Bone comics, this is the place to go :)

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