Lots of UDON love: Darkstalkers, Mega Man and Manga for Kids

Ken Siu-Chong, Joe Vriens and Eric Vedder talk with CBR about UDON Entertainment‘s soon to be released Darkstalkers mini-series.

Alvin Lee draws the covers for UDON's new Darkstalkers mini

Udon is also releasing artbooks of the old school and super popular Mega Man. Mega Man: Official Complete Works and Mega Man X: Official Complete Works are video game art books that were released in Japan as a single book, but UDON is splitting them into two. These will collect all the official game art, character designs, sketches and more for the Classic Mega Man series, and the Mega Man X series respectively.


UDON has recently released their newest title in the Manga for Kids line: Swans in Space. UDON’s first full-color Kids Manga series, Swans in Space is a series about Corona and Lan, the newest recruits in the Space Patrol, a special agency dedicated to helping those in need across the galaxy. With the help of alien Instructor, the girls are off to explore exciting new planets in search of friends in trouble!.

Manga for Kids is a great line of books aimed towards younger readers who may have been left behind as publishers brought over many titles aimed at adults or older readers. Launched about 6 months ago, UDON has selected some really fun books. I quite enjoyed the hijinks in The Big Adventures of Majoko

Swans in Space previews images from the UDON website.

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