Your Toronto Raptors “Season Seatholder of the Game”

Steven Charles Manale! Manale writes and draws the “Chick and Dee” comic in chickaDEE Magazine every month. He also illustrates for OWL Magazine.

Congratulations, Steve on being selected as this evening’s season seatholder of the game! Big props for rocking out the dual Rasho t-shirts! And Steve is always looking good sporting his foam Raptors head.

Too bad Jay didn’t sub in the big Slovenian to take care of Brendan Haywood. Haywood spent so much time leaning on Bosh tonight that Chris was wasted by the end. We could have used a fresh Bosh to straight up cover Antawn Jamison. Jamison spent the second half catching the ball at the elbow extended and then blowing by the late rotation, going baseline to find an open basket because no one bothered to rotated down and either guard the basket or cut off the baseline.

I love to NBA!

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