Ethan Rilly talks Pope Hats

Posted on Comixology:

Long time Toronto, and suddenly current Montreal-based creator Ethan Rilly discusses the evolution of his book Pope Hats, which had received a Xeric Foundation Grant.

Pope Hats has evolved over time; Rilly’s original self-published version was a nominee for the 2008 Doug Wright Award as Emerging Talent. Since then Rilly has repackaged the book into it’s new, current format, which was published in 2009 and eligible for Shuster consideration in 2010 (for 2009 published works).

Find the interview here.

Interesting notes from the interview:
Ethan wanted to move beyond his original and, what he called, rudimentary version of Pope Hats, which was a reason to apply for the Xeric Grant. Ethan has decided to move from the floppy format of issue #1 into the “graphic novel” format going forward, containing 4 to 5 issues worth of material. In the interview he discusses applying for the Xeric Grant as a means to afford the printing and distribution of Pope Hats #1, working to find distribution, and hooking up with Diamond to distribute the book.

My comment: Both versions of Pope Hats are wonderful. While it’s interesting to hear Rilly refer to his original version as “rudimentary”, most creative people feel that way about their art. As they are always growing and expanding, few artists believe their past works are ‘better’. This viewpoint is pretty much the exact opposite of fans, who usually have a nostalgia for the older works and will routinely tell comic creators they “preferred your older style”.