Post #550: Would you like to participate in the Nominating Process for 2010?

As the year is quickly coming to a close we are busy compiling the lists of eligible creators and works for publication on this website in January.

We are also gathering together our Nominating Committee(s) – French and English – for the following categories:

In years past we have gone to a small and select number of people associated with the industry per year (5 to 7 member nominating committees)  – be it online reviewers, managers and owners of comic book shops, people that work on conventions and some additional superfans. We balance out the committees by Province.

This year, we are going to invite back nearly everyone who has previously participated in our nominating committee process, but IN ADDITION to this process, we will be opening up the process to include and recruit new people (and thus expand our national network of Associates). We will also be contacting Canadian stores and asking if they would like to have someone on staff or a representative complete a nomination ballot.

As well, we are asking readers of this site who are interested in participating to submit a request in writing. In order to participate in the Nominating Committee process you must meet certain requirements. Please complete and copy/paste the mini-questionnaire below into an email and it to me at


I am interested in participating in the 2010 Nominating Process. As part of this process, I understand that I will be given lists of eligible creators and asked to review/consider these works before submitting my nominees list for inclusion.

Please complete this short questionnaire.

I am a Canadian citizen or resident and live in ______________________ (city, province).

I can read French (Y/N)______  I have access to BD by Canadians (Y/N): _______

I am interested in participating in the French language publications nominating committee (Y/N) _______


____ work in, or am affiliated with, a comic book store
store name:______________________________

____ write a comics related blog
site name:_______________________________

____ contribute to a comics related website
site name:_______________________________

____ contribute to journal, magazine, newspaper, fanzine
publication name:_________________________

____ work or have worked on a Canadian comics related event

____ am affiliated with a comics related organization

____ am a comic book creator who did not have any work published (in print or online) in 2009

____ have previously worked for a comic book publisher
specify: _________________________________

____ work in a related field (animation, advertising)
specify: _________________________________

____ other
specify: _________________________________

Once I’ve received your application I’ll send you a quick note if you qualify and let you know the timeline.

Unfortunately there are some people that are disqualified:

1. Comic book and/or graphic novel creators who worked on eligible works published in print or on the internet in 2009

2. Comic book and/or graphic novel publishers and/or their employees who were actively working in the industry in 2009.

3. Current members of the Joe Shuster Awards Executive. Associates and past members may contribute provided that they were not actively creating or publishing comics in 2009.