Ken Lashley stepping back from comics

Jonathan Kuehlein has as short interview with artist Ken Lashley posted on his site in which Lashley talks about walking away from comics.

“I was working hard, not smart … I have to do what’s best for me.” — Ken Lashley

As to his future as a comics creator:

“I think I’ll be a specialty guy, maybe mini-series. They want me to stay at Marvel.”

In September, Lashley posted to his blog:

l am working on some new things and (Black Panther) #11 is one of them. l was asked to come back and do issue 11…from that..who knows. ….well, l do. hahahaaha. l will be at Marvel for a few more books..these are the books that you dream about doing. l will be finalizing some other things as well.

Then in November:

l am going to NY on Dec. 17th for the ‘Marvelous Color’ show in Midtown. The CCCADI gallery is hosting the two month event. l am creating some original artwork for the show…my first gallery showing to NY…my life is about to take a fun turn.

Listen to the discussion.

Best of luck in your career path of choice, Ken.