Visions of an Icon: Wolverine by Eric Kim

Eric Kim was born in 1977 and learned to love drawing under coffee tables. He has always loved drawing, and always loved comics. It would come to reason that he would eventually combine the two and create a super-ultimate-love that would rock the heavens. After high school, Eric went off to attend Sheridan College. Graduating from the Art Fundamentals program, the Interpretive Illustration program, and the Computer Animation post-graduate program.

Eric’s work in entertainment began at 4 Elements Studios in Montreal, this would result in the beginning of his career in visual effects at Mr. X FX where he worked on such films as: Hypercube: Cube 2 (coincidentally a hit in Korea, from what he understands), and Blizzard. Eric ended up doing some work as well for the TV show Veritas, as well as some storyboard work for some visual effects shots. It would be a chance meeting with J. Torres in 2003 at the Toronto Comics Arts Festival that would result in Eric’s involvement in the world of comics. He has been forever grateful ever since.

His comics work includes Love as a Foreign Language (Oni Press), Degrassi: Extra Credit (Pocket Books), Vulture Gulch (Negative Burn/Chemistry Set), The Side Steppers (Owl Magazine), Drawing the Line Again (Fengsuli Press) and his Transmission X webcomic Streta.


The piece shown above is one of over 40 pieces of original artwork featuring Wolverine donated to the Joe Shuster Awards for the Visions of an Icon Art Show and Sale by Canadian artists. The pieces were exhibited twice in 2009 – at the Joe Shuster Awards Ceremony in September and at the Speakeasy Comic Art Show in November. The original art pieces will be auctioned off on eBay in March 2010. Watch for announcements on this site!

Every day we will try to post an original piece and some information on the artist(s) that donated the work.