2010 Joe Shuster Awards Status Update


All nominating committees are currently making their selection choices for the 2010 Joe Shuster Awards.

The nominees for the following awards are expected to be announced in mid-March:
– Artist
– Cartoonist
– Colourist
– Cover
– Achievement in Publishing
– Webcomic creator / creative team
– Writer

It is likely that nominees for the following awards: Comics for Kids, Kremer Retailer and definitely the Gene Day Award for Self-Publishing won’t be announced until later in the spring.


The Executive has decided that we will have five distinct juries in 2010:

– Comics for Kids
– Retailers & Publishers: Kremer Retailer & Achievement in Publishing
– Gene Day Award for Self-Publishing
– The Art Awards: Artist, Colourist, Cover Art
– The Story Awards: Cartoonist, Webcomic creator/creative team, Writer

The change for 2010 is the division of the creative awards (listed above as the “Art” and “Story” Awards) into two distinct juries instead of one single one (as we did in 2008 and 2009). Breaking up the juries in this manner allows for each jury to have less awards to finalize and allows them to concentrate more thoroughly on the awards they have to work on.

Presentation Date

Is still undecided at this time but should be finalized by the time of the March press release announcing the 2010 Nominees.