Busy busy busy #2

JSA booth at upcoming comics events

The Awards Association has decided to limit the number of public events that we will be setting up a Joe Shuster Awards booth at.

In all honesty, monies raised at these events vs. costs (table costs and the time spent manning the booth) was just was not very efficient or very effective for fund raising.

We have decided instead that our Awards Association members and affiliates will try to attend as many community and community-related events as possible and walk around – talking to creators about the awards and seeing what’s going on with the community instead of trying to sell prints and other items. Ideally I’d like to have information packages available to hand out to creators at these events about the awards and what we are trying to accomplish with them and with this site – as well as our other community-driven initiatives to raise awareness of Canadian comic book creators and their works. Initiatives such as our educational efforts (through awards like Comics for Kids).

Fundraising efforts will almost exclusively be centred around online initiatives, such as public auctions.

So, at present, we have no concrete plans to set up a Joe Shuster Awards booth at ANY upcoming events.

Visions of an Icon

I will be starting to put up the Visions of an Icon Wolverine art auctions soon. I still have quite a number of pieces still to spotlight on this site, so there will be some overlap between the Visions postings and the eBay auctions.

Ceremony date

We are currently discussing the possibility of tying the ceremony date in with an existing comic book related event again. If we do this, the ceremony will still be at a separate location and remain independent from the event. We just want to provide creators with a reason to be in the same city as the presentation ceremony as getting nominees to the presentation ceremony is our top priority.

I’m hoping to have that information for you in the Nominations press release that is coming later this month


Nominees for English language publications are complete. French nominees are still being determined.  Webcomics, publisher are being finalized as well.