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We still have a number of pieces yet to display, including works by Paul McCusker, Tom Grummet, Dean Motter, Clayton Hanmer, and some last minute pieces that were recently delivered to our P.O. Box. I need to do a proper scan on some of them but they’ll be done by the end of this week and then we will start the eBay auctions on Sunday, March 21st. We also have two pieces by non-Canadian artists: Terry Moore & Ed Hannigan. I also need to do a proper profile for the already shown Dave Sim piece.


Speaking of that forthcoming nominations announcement. We are now targeting this Thursday, March 18th as the day that information will be released.

We’re announcing the Artist, Cartoonist, Colourist, Cover Art, Webcomic Creator/Creative Team & Writer nominees. In April we’ll be announcing Comics for Kids, Retailer, and Publisher nominees. Finally in May we’ll be announcing the Gene Day finalists as well as the Hall of Fame inductees.


This coming Saturday, March 20th is a special day as our Associate Director Robert Haines is getting married to the Comics for Kids Award Coordinator (and owner of Guelph, Ontario’s The Dragon) Jennifer Stewart! It seems like only yesterday that I unsuspectingly introduced them to one another at the Hyatt bar in San Diego in July 2006.

We hope you will join the the other Awards Association members and congratulate the happy couple on their upcoming nuptials and wish them a wonderful future together.

Robert and Jennifer

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