JSA Update

So here’s where we stand as of today:

The 3rd wave of Visions Wolverine auctions end tomorrow night – April 27th – and there’s a lot of interest in some of the pieces already, especially the one by Francis Manapul. Expect the 4th wave to launch tomorrow as the 3rd comes to a close. Still have enough for probably AT LEAST one more round after that (which would make it five in total). So far so good.


The nominees for the following categories will be announced on Wednesday, if all goes as planned:

Outstanding Publisher

Harry Kremer Outstanding Retailer

Comics for Kids


While we have decided the individuals who will be joining the Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame this year, we won’t be announcing them until mid-May as we would like to make sure they or their families (if deceased) have been notified before the general public.


This year we’ve broken down our Jury into two units:

1. The “ART JURY” — will be looking at the artwork only categories of OUTSTANDING ARTIST, OUTSTANDING COLOURIST, and OUTSTANDING COVER ART.

2. The “STORY JURY” — will be looking at the categories that involve writing elements such as OUSTANDING CARTOONIST, OUTSTANDING WRITER and OUTSTANDING WEBCOMIC CREATOR / CREATIVE TEAM.

We decided to subdivide our jury so that we can ensure that we don’t overwhelm those people helping us out with too much material (although some of our jury members are eager to devour that much comics material – we have two individuals who will be participating in both). We selected the natural break of ART and STORY categories in that members of the STORY jury are required to be able to read material published in both of our national languages – French and English. FYI We won’t be announcing WHO the jury members are until AFTER they’ve made their decisions so that they can deliberate in anonymity.

The Jury member names will be announced in the May press release that reveals who the Hall of Fame inductees are as well as the nominees for the GENE DAY AWARD FOR SELF-PUBLISHING.


Speaking of The Gene Day Award, we should be getting the entries from Calgary early next week and we’ll be accepting entries right up to the day after TCAF (which is May 10th). We’re reviewing the entries as they arrive and we should have the shortlist of nominees ready for the May 19th Release. There is still time to send in your entry!