Visions of an Icon: Wolverine by Clayton Hanmer (C-Ton)

Clayton Hanmer (aka CTON) is a Toronto-based illustrator, author, graphic artist, and interactive producer. He is the creator of CTON’s Corner, a popular feature in OWL Magazine, as well as the author/illustrator of CTON’s Super A-Maze-ing Year of Crazy Comics, which was nominated for a 2009 Joe Shuster Award in the Comics for Kids category.

The winner of many industry awards, his work has appeared in such diverse publications as National Geographic Kids, Nickelodeon, The Walrus, The Globe & Mail, and the New York Times. Clayton has also partnered with many well-known agencies on projects involving international brands such as Toshiba, Wrigley’s, BMW-Mini, BIC, Gravis Footwear, Doritos, and General Motors.


After hours, he is a founding member of the artist collective, Trio Magnus, helping to create ‘Trio Magnus: Equally Superior’ from Koyama Press, and the bi-monthly event known as ‘Pen Club’.

When Clayton isn’t busy drawing away in his studio, he’s an avid ‘alternative’ comic collector, Swedish car buff, movie watcher and world traveler. He also attempts to play as much hockey as his out of shape artist body will allow. He is a bit of a hick, and he likes to wear his underwear inside out. As a country-boy, he often enjoys escaping the city for an Ontario micro-brew & creative recharge at a friend’s cottage or in the backyard of his childhood home.


When asked what he liked most about creating comics for kids, Hamner responded, “(t)he unlimited potential for creativity, and the idea that I am shaping kids’ minds (scary!). That and I love to make silly, goofy things… which kids tend to be the biggest & best audience for!” This is a perfect description of his book CTON’s Super A-Maze-ing Year of Crazy Comics.

Hanmer’s most recent work can be found in Not Your Typical Book About the Environment, written by Dr. Elin Kelsey. This book targets children and helps to allays kids’ fears by showing how all is not lost, our global environment is not completely doomed. It’s a very interesting premise, considering the constant messaging that young children have been indirectly receiving this past decade. An interesting and engaging book for all ages.
Clayton Hanmer painted Wolverine to a size of 6″ x 6″ and provided the frame. This piece really distills the Wolverine persona into an easily recognized image.


The piece shown above one of over 50 original art pieces featuring Wolverine donated to the Joe Shuster Awards for the Visions of an Icon Art Show and Sale by Canadian artists. The pieces were exhibited twice in 2009 – at the Joe Shuster Awards Ceremony in September and at the Speakeasy Comic Art Show in November. The original art pieces will be auctioned off on eBay in April and May 2010 and are currently underway.

Expect this piece to be listed on May 4th!